Re: A proposal for addition to HTML 3.0: Frames

From: (Daniel Glazman)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 95 09:21:52 EDT


Some comments about Netscape's Frames proposal:

* I agree with a former post: please show elements, attributes,
  contents, ... as usual in HTML drafts.

* section 1, 3rd paragraph: "will make up the page". I understand
  that one goal of frames is the display of a whole document in a
  single application's height. BUT this does not mean "page". I
  prefer 'document'.

* section 1: "..can appear before the FRAMESET tag...". I prefer
  "..can appear outside of the FRAMESET element and more precisely
  before its start tag..."

* section 2, about the numerical "value": if the application is able
  to override the author's choice in pixels, this means that all
  documents layouts will be "expandable". I think that a static
  size for a FRAME can also be useful. I understand that such a
  modification implies that a document might have a greater height
  than the window's height...

* section 2, about attribute NAME: I don't understand at all the last
  paragraph about reserved names. Please send more information about

* section 2, about NOFRAMES: which elements can be contained in
  NOFRAMES ? Please formalize a piece of DTD.

* other questions:

	- what are in Netscape's implementation the visual effects
	  attached to FRAME embedding ? Are the framed documents
	  reduced in order to fit in the frame ? What is the link
	  with the scrolling bar that can be attached to a frame ?
	  I can't see any element of answer in the proposal, this
	  point is not clear.

	- why FRAMES can't be TABLEs ? This is the shortest question
	  in this message but also the most important.

I agree with Stuart Weibel and think, despite the fact that a
better SGML (or even HyTime) conformance of WWW clients in general
and Netscape Navigator in particular could be a much more efficient
way of doing the same thing, that FRAMES are an interesting
FUNCTIONAL development IF AND ONLY IF a real discussion between
Netscape Comm and this working group comes to light.

Best regards,

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