Re: A proposal for addition to HTML 3.0: Frames

From: Bert Bos <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 07:38:29 EDT

Chris Lilley writes:

 |If any of the SGML gurus on this WG would like to rustle up a DTD for
 |this new document type, which includes the HTML HEAD element plus the
 |FRAMESET and FRAME elements, I am sure that the authors of the Frames
 |ID would be pleased to include it before it goes off to the ID editor.
 |Because this need not include the bulk of the HTML DTD this should be
 |quite a small job for someone suitably qualified.

Here it is, 10 minutes work:

	This DTD defines a frame doc, a tabular layout of panes, the
	contents of which consist of the targets of URLs. Typical

	<!doctype framedoc public "-//Netscape//DTD FRAMEDOC//EN">

	For explanations, see elsewhere...

<!entity % SDAFORM "SDAFORM cdata #fixed">
<!entity % SDARULE "SDARULE cdata #fixed">
<!entity % SDAPREF "SDAPREF cdata #fixed">
<!entity % SDASUFF "SDASUFF cdata #fixed">
<!entity % SDASUSP "SDASUSP name #fixed">

<!element FRAMEDOC o o (HEAD, FRAMESET+)>

<!element HEAD o o  (TITLE & ISINDEX? & BASE?) +(META, LINK)>

<!element TITLE - -  (#pcdata)* -(META, LINK)>
<!attlist TITLE
        %SDAFORM; "Ti"
<!element LINK - o empty>
<!attlist LINK
        HREF cdata #required
        REL names #implied
        REV names #implied
        URN cdata #implied
        TITLE cdata #implied
        METHODS names #implied
        %SDAPREF; "Linked to : #AttVal (TITLE) (URN) (HREF)>"
<!element ISINDEX - o empty>
<!attlist ISINDEX
        %SDAPREF; "<Para>[Document is indexed/searchable.]</Para>"
<!element BASE - o empty>
<!attlist BASE
        HREF cdata #required
<!element META - o empty>
<!attlist META
        HTTP-EQUIV name #implied
        NAME name #implied
        CONTENT cdata #required
<!attlist FRAMESET
        ROWS cdata #implied
        COLS cdata #implied
<!element FRAME - o empty>
<!attlist FRAME
        SRC cdata #implied
        NAME cdata #implied
        MARGINWIDTH number #implied
        MARGINHEIGHT number #implied
        SCROLLING (yes, no, auto) auto
        NORESIZE (noresize) #implied

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