Re: Generalizing Banners

From: Ka-Ping Yee <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 00:54:46 EDT

On Sun, 20 Aug 1995, Terry Allen wrote:
> Right now IMG is the only piece of HTML 2.0 that invokes involutary
> transclusion.  It's existing practice, and while it could use a
> hook such as I just described, I'm not going to challenge it.
> But the first new tag that transcludes text will have to provide
> that hook.  Fair warning!

I could see that a document would not allow itself to be sent without
requiring some things to happen first (authorization, payment, etc.)
But no new tag is needed if you want to include text!  It really could
be so similar to existing practice that it might not make much sense
to draw a line:

<a href="http://server/somedoc.html" rel="embed present">

It's that easy.  The attribution remains clear.  But i am too ignorant to
argue about the issue of copyrights further.  I would like to encourage
that more advantage be taken of REL, and just wanted to show how simply
this can be done. 

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