Re: Generalizing Banners

From: (Scott E. Preece)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 95 12:12:55 EDT

   From: "Terry Allen" <>

|   At the very least, somewhere there has to be a hook by which the
|   author of an HTML doc can say that it is not to be transcluded in
|   another HTML doc, or not without certain conditions being met.
|   These might include distinctive display of the transclusion, visible
|   source credit, a warning that it's costing the reader money that
|   the outer document doesn't, and so on.

Maybe I'm missing something, but how is this suggested form of inclusion
any different from forms that are already supported, like returning a
Location that causes a document to be retrieved without the user's
intervention or retrieving a resource, munging it in any way the author
likes, and including the result as part of a document?  Such inclusion
may or may not be legal, depending on the nature of the included
material, but I have a little trouble seeing how you would build
restrictions on this capability into HTML or even HTTP...

The ability to embed one document within another would be convenient.
I currently do this with a helper application that inserts my "outer"
document into specified places in the "inner" document, which is known
to be in a certain form.  A way to do this more cleanly would be
appreciated.  But there are other things, like the ability to generate
line or paragraph numbers on the displayed output, that I would find
even more useful (and in the purview of browsers or style sheets, rather
than HTML).


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