Re: Proposal: restricting <LINK> to hyperlinks

From: (Albert Lunde)
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 12:35:08 EDT

> The meaning of LINK is unclear. Its use is suggested for attaching
> style sheets, info about the author, glossaries, etc. Some of these
> functions could be considered hyperlinks (link to the author, to a
> `next' document, etc.) others link to meta-information that the reader
> isn't supposed to see (stylesheet, navigator, etc.)
> It's better to define LINK strictly as a hyperlink. It is then not
> much different from A, except that the source anchor of A is a small
> fragment of a document, whereas the source anchor of LINK is the whole
> document. That translates to different visual presentations. LINK
> would typically end up in a toolbar or menu. The typing of links (the
> REL attribute) even allows a browser to use nice icons for the buttons
> in the toolbar.

While this suggestion is logical, it flies in the face of existing usage
of <LINK> (spotty and confusing as that is.)

    Albert Lunde