Re: Proposal: restricting <LINK> to hyperlinks

From: (Albert Lunde)
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 02:46:55 EDT

> (2) LINK: hyperlinks
>    melding the August 8th DTD draft[1] and Murray Maloney's draft[2]:
>    >5.2.4. Link: LINK
>    >
>    >The LINK element indicates a hypertext link relationship
>    >(see 7, "Hyperlinks") between the document in which it is found
>    >and some other object. The LINK element takes the same attributes
>    > as the <A> element (see 5.7.3, "Anchor: A"). Any number of LINK
>    >elements may be used within the head of an HTML document.
>    >The LINK element is empty (does not have a closing tag).
> This seems pretty simple. I would hope to see the LINK definition made more
> explicit and expanded somewhat to support Murray Maloney's language on
> hypertext links (similar to the above), which I think is very well written.
> Would someone please respond as to where this simplified proposal would
> fall flat in HTML 2.0? This seems in line with Murray Maloney's direction
> on LINK and LINK attributes, eliminates the current confusion (both DTD and
> current UA implementation) over BASE, and allows LINK and META to function
> as stated: hyperlinks and document meta-information, respectively.

One of the existing usages of LINK is to present a mailto: URL
for the author of a document. Various proposed usages have included
a URL for a style sheet. I'd say that actual usage has favored the
idea that <LINK> describes a URL related to the document, in various
ways, which may or may not represent a "hyperlink" in the usual
sense, and may or may not make sense in a toolbar.