Re: Proposal: restricting <LINK> to hyperlinks

From: Joe English <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 15:14:08 EDT

Bert Bos <> wrote:

> My checklist for LINK runs something like this:
>  1. can the link be put in a toolbar or menu?
>  2. can the link be ignored altogether?
>  3. can the type (REL attribute) be omitted without harm?
>  4. does the user explicitly have to traverse the link for something
>     to happen?
>  5. does it perform an action or display new info
> If you get 5 times `yes' than it's a LINK.
> Maybe the way to get our intuitions about LINK (and META and even
> BASE) into line, is to come up with as many examples as we can and see
> if we can't agree on how they should be handled?

That sounds good to me.

To handle links to metainformation resources,
perhaps an HREF attribute could be added to <META>:

	<META NAME=stylesheet HREF="...">

would be used instead of

	<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="...">