Re: Proposal: restricting <LINK> to hyperlinks

From: "Terry Allen" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 17:13:39 EDT

I agree with most of what Roy said, particularly

>The syntax of the LINK element in HTML is inside the scope of this WG,
as are the HTML-specific contents of the REL and REV attributes.

though I don't know what Roy had in mind by "HTML specific."   However, Roy 
also remarked
>The purpose and scope of Link Relationships is currently outside the scope
of this WG.  They describe an aspect of the WWW architecture which is
independent of any rendering language.

and to this I have to point out that if there is to be a description of
the purpose and scope of the values of REL's LINK value, the doc for
the HTML DTD ought to include or point to it.  There would be nothing
improper in that.

And maybe it will turn out that one cannot describe HTML without describing
link relns in a way that accounts for their use in other contexts.

However, productivity here has been dragging.

Let's get back to the most serious issue before us, tables.  Eric,
we need to hear from the chair about the present state of debate.
Dave, we need to hear further from you.  The last message I have
saved on the issue is from you on 8 August 1995.  Do you want to
defend your current draft or roll a new one?


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