About Those Annoying Ads

I call them blipverts. They used to be only two at a time - and I'm sure some of you knew the game when they played one at a time. Now there's even an intrusive one before the game starts. And we're seeing decisions becoming a bit greedy...

...You can spot decisions motivated by greed because they usually defeat their intended purpose. For a 20-second break, we really HAD to sit there and watch. Now a 30-40 second span of three to four ads means everyone can go to the bathroom or get something to eat, etc. Another word for this is "overkill".

Bunching up three ads and running them more and more doesn't necessarily inspire anyone to go out and get the product or whatever. Often an ad which people might enjoy at first - like the Midas moose run during the summer of 1998 - soon becomes a nuisance.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Americans are widely notorious for having the least respect for their primary source of communication. It's not likely this is going to change anytime soon. The Internet was predominantly frequented by educated people until only about three years ago, when access prices dropped. Then there went the neighbourhood - AND the bandwidth!

Where Bezerk Goes Buggy

I find it interesting that one is unable to report some names because the words which comprise them are forbidden in the clean rooms. Then why are these names allowed to be used? These players should be restricted to the adult language area, with an option to change the name if fourteen answers with sucking and semen start to get monotonous.

More than not, a potential hellraiser meanders into a clean room by mistake. That's because the software is configured to automatically line you up to join a clean room, regardless of the type of room you just came from. The resulting predicament is just as bad as the vice versa of a child caught into an adult room, because mommy or daddy might have some awkward explaining to do during quality time just the same.

Granted, the folks at Berkeley Systems are constantly making revisions and improvements to the game. Perhaps they'll work to resolve this name bug in the near future (like once the change profiles capability is added).

"But Captain, with so much WRONG with Acrophobia, what's RIGHT about it?"

Everything else!
Acrophobia is a marvelous game. As you could gather by the examples, problem people usually span a number of documented horrors, and so are not as rampant in the wrong rooms, just persistent until they get the hint.

There are a number of good rooms left where one can have a family good time. But even they get bad days - usually Sunday afternoons - and so we wander, often joining rooms where an acquaintance of reliable taste has found refuge. Of course, in the resident clan room to which I hold my allegiance, I would be most compelled to walk irritating people off the plank; let THEM leave for a change! As mentioned in the horror area, THEY take away OUR rights to having a clean time in a clean room.

People might come on acro because their lives are already unpleasant or uncomfortable; they want to take a break, have fun, enjoy themselves (unless you're like me and just use it to procrastinate). They shouldn't have to be made uncomfortable during their escape time.

The problem (sorry Berkeley) might lie in the extreme venues to choose from. Where all manner of language is allowed, only sexually explicit acroing is done. There's no recourse for the doodoo-acroers, so they hit the clean rooms with a vengeance.


I propose a third set of rooms for irreverant folks who insist on doing dirty and gross acroes, a great big garbage can for society's trash. This way, families can enjoy a nice, innocent game unhindered.

This would be an area where "a/s/l EVERYONE???" is a welcome greeting, and a round of words containing an "F" in a full room means fourteen fart acronyms.

We'll need a name for this new area, and of course a nifty new selection of rooms.

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