Re: Generalizing Banners

From: "Terry Allen" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 95 11:58:42 EDT

Dan cited the prose; here's the content model (and Lou, you really 
ought to start glancing at the DTD you cite):

<!ELEMENT BANNER - - %body.content>
<!ATTLIST BANNER %attrs; >

You can't get another document in there.

And before we go any further along the path of IMG we need to deal
with the thorny issues raised by automatically including one piece
of data in another.  I call that "involuntary transclusion."

At the very least, somewhere there has to be a hook by which the
author of an HTML doc can say that it is not to be transcluded in
another HTML doc, or not without certain conditions being met.
These might include distinctive display of the transclusion, visible
source credit, a warning that it's costing the reader money that
the outer document doesn't, and so on.

Right now IMG is the only piece of HTML 2.0 that invokes involutary
transclusion.  It's existing practice, and while it could use a
hook such as I just described, I'm not going to challenge it.

But the first new tag that transcludes text will have to provide
that hook.  Fair warning!


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