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From its inception in September 1993, Stephen A. Wilson Jr., the founder/owner of Talks with Wolves, who comes from Cherokee and African ancestry.  His native name meaning teacher, which he received in 1993, doing a Vision Quest (Rites of Passage), through the Delaware people of the Turtle Clan in Pennsylvania and was named by the Delaware Sachem, Wyandaga.  He dedicated his life to teaching and preserving the history of both people by teaching history, art, spirituality, meditation, music, dance, rights of passage, language and other workshops.  Also, consulting teachers/students from different schools for assistance in their educational work.

Talks with Wolves deal with the whole Black experience.  Dealing with the Native and African cultures separately and together.  With his moving to a new location in 1998, have expanded his services to the people and community.

Through weekly classes, school trips, lectures and exhibitions, it is the overall goal to teach and keep traditions alive in both cultures.  Pioneering in being the first, no other business takes these certain steps in dealing with the cultures as a whole.  Through artifacts, music, clothes and more, Talks with Wolves sells artifacts that show their individuality and commonalties.  As talked about in certain books, (Ivan Van Sertima-"They Came Before Columbus" and William Loren Katz-"Black Indians") we keep the traditions, cultures and spirituality alive.  Without being prejudice from one over the other.  Showing that Black owned businesses can be successful in black neighborhoods.  For when we give continuous support to our own, we show pride in what we as a people represent.  Inviting customers and visitors to come, see and learn about the two most prolific cultures residing here on common ground.

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