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Arrows Mandellas    PHOTO! Rugs
Blankets    PHOTO! Pottery Pillow Dolls (Ghana)
Books Cards Rattles    PHOTO!
T-Shirts Figurines Fans
Dream Catchers Kachina Dolls Maps
Dream Pillows Table/Floor Mats PHOTO! Medicine Pouches
Crystals/Stones Drums Fetishes
Weapons    PHOTO! Buttons Staffs
Prints Paintings    PHOTO! Beaded Lamps    PHOTO!
Chokers Necklaces Mahogany Pens (refillable)
Jewelry Clothing    PHOTO! Moccasins
Bags     Calendars Magnets
Sweat Shirts    PHOTO! Long Sleeve Shirts PHOTO! Aromatherapy Candles
Medicine Wheels

ROOTS & HERBS (Natural Remedies-Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Hormones, Skin and more)- Motherwort, Osha Root, Slippery Elm, Dandelion Root, Wild Yam Root, Comfrey root, Blue Cohosh, Hawthorne Berry and more.
TEAS- Herbal, White Sage Honey, Mugs.
SMUDGING- Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Abalone Shells.
SMOKING- Red Willow, Bearberry, Tobacco, Kinnick Kinnick, Cigars.
PEACE PIPES- Traditional Pipestone & others.
BOOKS- African, African American, American Indian History, Spiritualism, Traditions and more.
SKULLS/SKINS/CLAWS- Bear, Badger, Buffalo, Steer, Coyote, Turtle, Beaver, Coon, Wolf, etc. 

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