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Please specify which lecture you would like for us to do.  If you wish for us to cover from other categories as well, notify which ones, but specify the main topic, Dancing and Exhibitions is also available.

Lectures Offered

  1. History of the Indigenous People - The Native American Indian.  Their customs, beliefs, traditions, spiritual concepts.  From the Great Mound Builders of Mississippi to the Aztecs of Mexico.

  2. Black Indians - The combination of African/Native people.  Prior, During and After slavery.

  3. Taino/Carab/Arawak - People from Puerto Rico, Islands and South America.

  4. Artifacts - Understanding the traditions, history, and how they are used in protecting, learning, and helping to guide us.

  5. Sweat Lodge - Traditions of purifying.

  6. Medicine Wheel - A basis of centering ourselves, balance.  Finding out how to build one and learning it's directions by color and animal.  Using them in our everyday lives.

  7. Meditation - Bringing peace into your mind, spirit and the elements used.  Sage, cedar, sweetgrass, music.

  8. Ceremonies - Understanding the whole concept on how to prepare and doing one.

  9. Spirituality/Religion/Traditions - Subjects that are one and the same but yet different.  Understanding how to work with all of them.

  10. Military - The tribute that Native/African Americans have given to this country.  That was used for and against us.  From the first Kansas colored to the Buffalo Soldiers to the Navajo code writers.

  11. Vision Quest - The Rights of Passage for young and old men/women.  Step by Step in preparing and going through all the ceremonies in this special7 day ordeal.  To learn who you are and what you are to do with your life.

Price Rates

  • Small Groups and Individual Classes - $5 per person.



      • $300 to $475, Lecture. Time: 1 to 1.5 hours.

      • $500 to $900, Lecture, Artifacts, Storytelling, Dance. Time: 1.5 to 2 hours.

      • $1,000 and up, Lecture, Artifacts, Storytelling, Drumming, Dances (natives showing the different dance techniques. i.e. Fancy, Traditional, Ring etc.)

         Special Notes:

  • Questioning period is included.

  • Audience participation.

  • Certain set-up equipment is needed from your organization.  Mic, Stage, Tape player etc.

  • Half must be paid prior to the performance (dates will be decided).  The balance paid on the day of the performance (before performance begins) and/or payment made before performance.


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